Budget Windscreen Wipers Thai-style

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Windscreen wipers are an often overlooked aspect of motor vehicle maintenance, especially in tropical climates with the seemingly endless hot and humid days.

While improvisation might be the mother of invention, the nonchalance displayed by the two in the clip above leads us to think that perhaps this is a technique they’ve used before.

Filmed in Kamphaeng Phet in the lower north of Thailand, renowned locally for luai khai (Lit: egg banana), climate data shows the region receives an average of 1,304.6mm (51.365 inches) of rain a year, most of it between the months of May through to October when more than 88 per cent of the annual total is received.

With overseas research showing that motor vehicle wiper blades are an often overlooked part of motor vehicle maintenance and with the wet-season now moving across parts of the region, it’s probably an opportune reminder to maker sure your vehicle’s windscreen wiper blades, and wiper mechanism, work effectively.

We think the cost of routine maintenance is probably far less than the cost of utilising the ‘budget windscreen wipers’ above.

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