Cambodia Firefighting #Fail: Why Insurance Matters

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If you’re interested in learning a thing or two about emergency services, or why fire insurance is so popular in Cambodia, make sure to have your note pad ready for these two firefighting fails, because you’re about to get a revolutionary education in firefighting.

Firefighting is serious stuff, right? Right!. However, it’s a little difficult to take these guys seriously when spectators on the scene are cracking up and people are groping the fire hose like an unruly… well, more like a dead python.

In the videos uploaded to Facebook on Sunday, we witness the best provincial firefighting Cambodia has to offer: bravery, selflessness, shouting, on-lookers, and fire! And yeah, water, if you’re in to that kind of thing. But be warned, there are worryingly low amounts of water being used to combat these incredible blazes!

Gross written insurance premium receipts in Cambodia increased by 37.7 per cent last year, the fastest rate of growth in premiums in Asean

In the clip with the burning vehicle, water doesn’t even make a cameo. It’s just men yelling and pointing at the truck like it’s the thing on fire.

In the case of the burning market stall the average time the fire is actually being fought amounts to about four seconds. Given, those are four very effective seconds, but still there must be a better way.

After watching these two videos one should be surprised to learn that the small, but dynamic Cambodia insurance sector saw penetration grow by 27.8 per cent last year – from 0.36 to 0.46 per cent – when measured against Cambodia GDP.

However, while Cambodia insurance sector growth far exceeded the average compounded annual growth rate for Asean between 2012 and 2015 of 5.8 per cent, its penetration lags woefully behind the Asean Community average of 3.8 per cent

According to the Asean Insurance Council’s (AIC) 2016 Asean Insurance Statistics Report, gross written insurance premium receipts in Cambodia topped $84 million last year compared to $61 million the year prior, an increase of 37.7 per cent, the fastest rate of growth in premiums in Asean. Total insurance premiums in the Asean Community as a whole grew by 2.9 per cent last year.


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Videos uploaded to Facebook by Ly Tainghour Ldp



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