Jaguar owner finds out how tough Singapore road rules are (HD video)

The strict conformity rules under which Singaporeans live is no secret. The city-state stands head and shoulders above the rest of its Asean fellows when it comes to compliance with rules and regulations, and Singapore road rules are no different. Miscreants are not tolerated lightly and strict penalties face those who break them.

In the video above a delinquent Singapore driver has parked their luxury Jaguar sports car with the off-side tires protruding outside of the marked parking bay.

Unlike in many other Asean member countries where the white (or yellow) lines painted on the bitumen or concrete are considered little more than decorations generally, and advisories at the most, such disregard for Singapore road rules is a serious matter.

Strict enforcement of Singapore road rules has seen the road fatality rate drop for the last ten years

In the video above released by ROADS.Sg (Respect Others And Drive Safe), a Singapore traffic cop photographs the miscreant’s car from all angles. It is a photo series worthy of a serious crime scene investigation. A voice from off camera explains “outside the line”.

While some netizens have complained that car parking spaces in Singapore have become narrower as car’s have increased in width, an examination of the video shows that the driver of what appears to be a Jaguar F-Type Coupe — which cost’s between S$380,999 (about US$284,000) and S$423,000 (US$318, 319) in the city-state — had ample of room on the nearside.

Parking fines in Singapore range between S$25-$400 (US$18.60-US$298), though in the instance above for ‘parking other than in a parking lot’ the penalty is S$50 (US$37.21).

In January we brought you a report on how Singapore authorities were cracking down in the wake of new laws following accidents and deaths of eScooter users, and pedestrians on citizens silently whizzing their way ‘Harry Potter’-like through the country’s streets, and pathways. (See: Civil Disobedience: Singaporeans Defiant As Harsh eScooter Laws Come Into Play (video))

While such enforcement may appear excessively strict and the penalties harsh, strict enforcement of Singapore road rules has seen road deaths in Singapore fall as a result.

According to official figures released earlier this year 2017 saw fewer road traffic accidents in Singapore compared to the year prior, with the number of fatal crashes and fatalities falling to an all-time low. Additionally, there were fewer road crashes related to drunk-driving, speeding, and red-light running.

In 2017, 122 Singaporeans were killed on the country’s roads, a fall of 13.5 per cent over the 141 killed in 2016.



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