About AEC News Today

About AEC News Today

AEC News Today is a 21st-century online news site targeted specifically at the Asean Economic Community (AEC) and those that are already doing business in the ten member nations, or who see the AEC as delivering opportunities for expansion and diversification and are contemplating establishing a presence in the region.

Independently owned, we aim to be the eyes, ears and voice of the AEC — one of the three pillars of Asean — focusing on the continuing integration and development of the Asean community.

Each morning between 07:00 and 07:18 Phnom Penh time we publish a morning news roundup of the latest news headlines for nine Asean member states, plus an Asean morning news edition also.

We back that up with our own well researched and factual original stories focusing on policies and governance, not politics and governments. Additionally we supplement this with high-quality third party features and editorials from leading academics and institutions.

We also encourage those with a particular knowledge or expertise on the region to share their knowledge by contributing articles about their successes, or otherwise. And yes, we will protect your identity if necessary for the truth to be told.

Our editorial topics dwell on areas such as, but not limited to, healthcare, education, governance, security, infrastructure, technology, business, investment, the property markets and leisure as it relates to or involves the Asean Community.

We also aim to keep our readers up-to-date with the latest changes to laws relating to trade, investment and taxes, the property markets, as well as the very important South China Sea, and CLMVT.

Our users snapshotAs a 21st century publication we will supplement our tightly written text with larges size photos — double click to see the full size 1120 x 860 image — as well as video where possible.

Our mobile app for Android and for iOS ensures that you have access to your Asean news anytime, anyplace, free of any paywall.

A custom feature enables us to alert you to life-threatening situations when we become aware of them, such as tsunamis, earthquakes, or floods.

In keeping with being a 21st century ‘new media’ organisation, we publish simultaneously on our website, to Twitter and to our Facebook page, in addition to Apple News, Google News, LinkedIn, and on the Line chat programme, where we are AEC News Today.

We also publish an extensive list of RSS feeds, if your prefer that method for reading us, and a once-per-day email report on the latests stories, sent at 08:00 Phnom Penh time.

It is the media’s role to ensure fairness, equality, transparency and accountability. That is what a robust and free media does. That is what we at AEC News Today strive to achieve on a daily basis, without fear or favour.

If you would like to contribute to AEC News Today we would love to hear from you.

To help we’ve put together these Submission Guidelines and the Code of Ethics that all of our staff and contributors must abide by.

After reading, see here to contact us.

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