About AEC News Today

About AEC News Today

AEC News Today is a 21st-century online news site targeted specifically at the Asean Economic Community (AEC) and those that are already doing business in the ten member nations, or who see the AEC as delivering opportunities for expansion and diversification and are contemplating establishing a presence in the region.

We aim to be the eyes, ears and voice of the AEC – serving up English-language stories focusing on the continuing integration and development of the Asean Community (AC).

Our overall editorial policy is good governance and the promotion of business and social growth throughout the region. While mostly middle-of-the-road, we won’t hesitate to deviate left or right if the facts warrant it. Our only interest in politics is the effect it has on business and society.

It is the media’s role to ensure fairness, equality, transparency and accountability. That is what a robust and free media does. That is what we at AEC News Today strive to achieve on a daily basis without fear or favour.

Being a 21st-century publication we will present material in photographic, written, and video format depending on circumstances.

In addition to articles affecting business and industry in the region we’ll also be looking at healthcare, education, security, infrastructure and leisure topicsculture, travel, destinations, touring and special Asean deals, in addition to the property markets in the different Asean member countries.

We also aim to keep our readers up-to-date with the latest changes to laws relating to trade, investment and taxes, as well as the very important South China Sea area. We also have the AEC Marketplace with free classified advertising relevant to the Asean Community.

We also hope to not just report the news, but to also add relevant insight and analysis to each story.

In addition to our own writers and editors we seek to encourage business owners and managers throughout the region to write about their particular industry sector and how the AEC is affecting them.

Things that are going well; things that aren’t being done; and suggestions on what is needed are what we want to hear about – and there’s no better people to tell the story than those who work in it and have to deal with the paperwork and processes daily. And yes, we will protect your identity if necessary for the truth to be told.

We believe that while there are several very good online publications in existence, none of them are addressing the region as a community such as envisaged by Asean. AEC News Today aims to fill that gap.

If you would like to contribute to AEC News Today we would love to hear from you.

To help we’ve put together these Submission Guidelines and the Code of Ethics that all of our staff and contributors must abide by.

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